World Association of Social Psychiatry

The World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP) is an international collaborative group which has an aim "to promote greater understanding of the interactions between individuals and their physical and human environment (including their society and culture), and the impact of these interactions on the clinical expression and treatment of mental and behavioral problems and disorders and their prevention."

As an AASP member benefit, your AASP dues include automatic membership in WASP. An AASP delegation has a voting voice in the WASP Assembly which meets in conjunction with the WASP World Congress every three years:

  • 21st Congress (2013): Lisbon, Portugal

  • 22nd Congress (2016): New Delhi, India

  • 23rd Congress (2019): Bucharest, Romania

All AASP members interested in attending the WASP World Congress and potentially being a part of one of the AASP presentations are encouraged to submit their ideas and area of interest using our contact form.