APA Symposium on Tuesday, May 21, 2013: Refugees and Exiles: Mental Health Implications, Repatriation, and Integration

The symposium was co-chaired by R Rao Gogineni MD, President of AASP and Driss Moussaoui MD, President of WASP.
Dr. Mufti presented a review of Afghan refugees plight, psychosocial issues, caring of them by his team of workers and training of workers and fruits of the care and work.
Dr. Mihajlovic reviewed PTSD, traumatogenic effects of Yugoslavian refugees.
Dr. Roth presented  Cuban Exiles' psycho-social aspects of emigration/immigration, generational dynamics.
Dr. Thompson's  presentation focused on Bhutanese refugees in Pittsburgh and integration and repatriation of them into local community.
Dr. Pumariega discussed, summarized all the presentations.