The AASP organizational website has been completely updated, with new design, website hosting, and member-friendly features.

Our editorial staff worked with digital consultant Christine Darby of Collaborada to create a website that emphasizes ease in navigation and access to benefits, and improved membership data management. For example, there is now simplified online dues payment and automatic membership renewal. AASP members can now submit questions and ideas online, and can upload information about their accepted APA presentations to be published on the website and in our annual AASP handout at the APA.

There are other new features, such as reprints of complete Humanitarian Forum lectures, and a growing database of references on social psychiatry topics is being developed, contributed by experts working in the field. We have expanded our list of related resources and organizations, information through WPA News about international mental health conferences, and ready access to APA Annual Meeting and WASP World Congress website registrations.

There is a more active newsfeed on AASP activities and interests. Members will be able to receive regular news updates directly to their email. The website will also serve as a hub for some of the RFM activities in development.

We hope you will enjoy the new site, and send us your feedback and ideas about how to keep improving services to our AASP membership.